What to Expect in a Session


The initial session includes an intake and an assessment.  It may be helpful for you to dress comfortably as I will probably ask you to do some simple movements.  The assessment includes some observation of not only your body, but your breathing patterns, and whether you are experiencing disturbances in the mind or challenges in your emotional and/or spiritual life. Together we will discuss your symptoms, health conditions, mental and emotional patterns in order to ascertain where there may be imbalances in your system.  Together we will set the goals for the therapy and discuss lifestyle changes which could be helpful in changing patterns that may no longer be working for you.  I will then design a practice which is intended to address those goals.  Yoga Therapy is a self-empowering modality; there is a responsibility for you to do your practice regularly allowing you to take a more active role in your self-care.  We will go over the practice together to be sure you feel comfortable with it. Because you are unique, you will have an individualized practice designed for your system.  The practices can range typically from 5 to 60 minutes per day and may include, but are not limited to physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and sound.

After doing the practice for a week we will usually meet again to go over how it has been working for you and whether we should revise it in some way.  It is then left up to you as to how often you may want to meet after that.  I recommend another meeting within 2 weeks and then we can evaluate the best time schedule after that.


I began working with Becky in early 2016. It is not an exaggeration to say that I cannot image my life without her. Through Becky's knowledge, compassion, and integrity, I have been able to live a life that I never thought possible. Whether I am asking for guidance on a yoga therapy client or seeking advice in my personal daily practice, Becky is always there to support me. Perhaps you are hoping to deepen your personal practice, relive pain, or find deeper meaning in your life, Becky serves as a steadfast guide in your own explorations.  - Whitney O., Texas

Becky has worked with me for the past 8 years.  To say I am GRATEFUL and THANKFUL is an understatement!!!  Becky has been a real ANGEL on earth and has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life.  Today she is not only my teacher but also my MENTOR.  She has nurtured me through anxiety, insomnia, alcoholism, depression, anger, tragedy and most importantly death of loved ones. She modifies certain yoga positions and breathing exercises based on each individual’s need.  She has mentored me through many of life’s challenges through yoga, guided meditation, recommending amazing books and literature, exercises, breathing techniques and life lessons. Becky’s teachings have given me the tools I need to live a healthy, whole, spiritual life.  I have been SO BLESSED to have Becky in my life and I have no doubt she will continue to heal and bring peace to many lives - Michelle T, Mandeville, La

When life circumstances led me to look for the support of a therapist, I wanted someone who would help me use yoga - both the practice and philosophy - to meet life from a place of clarity and equanimity. I had practiced yoga on a physical level for many years. I knew developing my yoga practice on a deeper level was the foundation I needed to move forward. At the time, finding a therapist whose work was grounded in the yoga tradition was no easy task. It wasn’t until I gave up the search and turned to finding a place to practice yoga in the company of others that I found Becky, who was teaching at Yoga Sanga.  I read about her background as a licensed therapist who worked from the tradition of yoga. I contacted her right away to join a class and begin individual work with her.  Becky listened to me describe the life events that brought me to this place of seeking. She also observed the way I held myself and moved in space. Together, we created both a morning and evening practice that included movement, breathing, chant and meditation. She practiced these with me, listened to me describe my experience of them, observed my movement and breathing, and then tailored each aspect for me. Our time together also included explorations of my experiences in daily life, relationships, self-awareness and spiritual connection. Becky brings all of herself to our work together; her professional training in therapy and yoga, as well as her own experiences and reflections as a yoga practitioner on and off the mat. And most valuable for me, her deep spirit and awareness as a fellow traveler through the journey of life. My work with Becky has been integral to helping me develop more clarity in understanding myself and my experiences, discovering my authentic self, and moving toward more integration and harmony on a physical and spiritual level. I have found a professional calling, ways to connect through service work, deeper authentic relationships and a deeper yoga practice with Becky’s support. I am even introducing others to the rich tradition of yoga as a teacher now. - Eileen R, Mississippi

I’ve always wanted a life coach.  And that’s what Becky has been to me.  A wonderful life coach.  Everything she’s taught me about yoga and relaxation has helped me immensely.  She’s given me valuable tools to reduce my anxiety, which I’ve been dealing with for years.  We have also done cognitive therapy and I’ve been learning new techniques and behaviors to handle life’s difficult situations.   Becky is one of the most insightful and compassionate people I’ve known.  She has helped me see things that I may be dealing with in a new way, making my problems easier to handle.  Our sessions have been so valuable to me and I know that what I’m learning now will stick with me for a lifetime.  - Jennifer M, Covington, La.

I’ve come to value Becky’s counsel more and more in the two years since my psychiatrist recommended I see her.  I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life after the death of my mother, and had slipped into a depression that kept me wanting to isolate myself most of the time. The movement practice she developed for me adds to my sense of connection to myself, to nature and to the universe.  With her guidance, we have changed the practice to incorporate movements related to the current stresses and challenges in my life, including a recent diagnosis of diabetes, as well as problems with sciatica.  Always a gentle teacher, the breathing, movement and centering exercises she shows me have helped tremendously.  My sessions with her are a cornerstone of my well being, both emotionally and physically.  She has always helped me to see a bigger picture, and encouraged me to realize the progress I’ve made in recent months.  I value her counsel and recommendations, and her openness to help me in ways I could not understand when I began the work with her.  I’m thankful and blessed to have her in my life. - Rose S, Slidell, La.