The sessions are 55-60 minutes long.  The first one can last up to 90 minutes if I am able to design the class immediately and we are able to go over it.  Often I break the 90 minutes into 2 sessions.  We meet initially for 50-60 minutes for the assessment. I then design the practice and you return within a few days for 30 minutes to go over the practice. 

I encourage clients to purchase a 3 class package as this gives the assessment as well as 2 follow up classes.  It usually takes this long to see if yoga therapy is a good fit for you.  It is difficult to ascertain  that after only an assessment and one follow up class.

Assessment - $100  (90 minutes)

Follow-up - $75

3 pack (assessment and 2 follow up appointments) - $200

I do offer a sliding scale upon request.

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